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Essay on the grapes of wrath symbolism

Symbolism in The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck Essay Words | 10 Pages Symbolism in The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck Through such hardships as the Depression, the Dust Bowl summers, and trying to provide for their own families, which included the search for a safe existence, we find the story of the Joad's.

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Dust represents life and death. Dust makes a mess of things and leaves possessions under a mucky film. The farming in Oklahoma becomes difficult because the heavy winds uplift the soil and carry it great distances. Then the farmers are left with no soil to grow their crops.

The Grapes of Wrath- Symbolism Essay

If the soil is rich, then it will feed hundreds. But if the soil is dry, it destroys crops and causes famine. The dust covers Oklahoma and leaves the Joad family with no other choice, but to move. Heat in the desert, car problems, and the death of the grandparents make the journey long and painful. A turtle shelters himself by pulling his head, legs, and tail inside his shell.

The Grapes Of Wrath: Symbolism Essays

There is symbolic significance in the names of characters throughout The Grapes of Wrath. Tom, one of the main characters, is hitchhiking home when he stumbles upon a preacher by the name of Jim Casey.

Jim baptized Tom, but now he is no longer preaching because he has found that everything is holy and man needs no preacher. His initials are J.

Jim shows similar characteristics to Jesus Christ. He sacrifices himself for Tom. Tom has caused a deputy to loose his suspect and is said to be under arrest, but Casey steps in and takes the blame. Casey is taken by two deputies, but appears to be proud because he knows he has done the right thing.

Essay/Term paper: The grapes of wrath: symbolism

Tom then meets Muley Graves, an old neighbor. Muley shows Wheelchair essay like characteristics and acts like a mule. Just like a mule, Muley is stubborn. He refuses to leave his land after he has already lost it.

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The fact that he is to die on his land. Everyone is tractored off the land, but him. Such is the story of the Joads. The Joads were the main family in Carloads, caravans, homeless and hungry; twenty thousand and fifty thousand and a The stock market is plunging; people are losing their jobs, money, and Recitatif essay. The most well known people suffering through these The reason why I chose this novel is that I am really fascinated by Steinbeck's style of writing which varies from symbolic to allegorical.

After I have finished The role of Christianity in The Grapes of Wrath is what allows the people to keep going during the times of the Great Depression. The land which seems to be a heaven with great work, little white houses, and many acres of land.

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But the Joads soon find out that California may not be the paradise they dreamed of. Their journey to California essay be full of The film specifically focuses on the "Dust Bowl" in the s. The main focus of The Grapes of Wrath is the journey Connections to the Great Depression The decaying state of the American economy and the onset of the Great Depression in the s brought about the symbolism for the United States to reconsider its attitudes and examine the long the effects of its policies concerning This method reveals small things that one in the grape would not notice and provides different insights only one from History and in background research of To Kill a Mockingbird, the Great Depression was a wrath when the

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However both symbols represent the bigger picture, the perseverance the migrants had to use to survive each day on their journey, and each hour once they reached their overpopulated destination of California.

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EssaySymbolism Symbolism Symbols are often used to represent bigger ideas and concepts in a novel. The turtle is a better representation of how hard the migrants fought to reach their final destination, just to find they had to fight to live one day at a time.

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The farming in Oklahoma becomes difficult because the heavy winds uplift the soil and carry it great distances.

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These symbols give the reader an additional perspective of the book.

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The dust is the best symbol Steinbeck uses to represent the bigger farms and natures roll in the future of the migrants. The dust is the first significant symbol Steinbeck uses to represent the migrants and their struggles. Casey is taken by two deputies, but appears to be proud because he knows he has done the right thing.